List your home with confidence!

Me and my team know that you only get one chance to sell your home the right way. We know that your home is most likely the largest single investment you’ve ever made. We will market your property with skill and care to ensure you get the highest price possible.

We look out for your best interests!

We will make sure that the buyer of your home is a serious, qualified buyer. Most times we have buyers already lined up and ready to look at your home. Once your home is listed you can be confident that every detail of your sale is covered. All showings will be handled professionally and courteously. If you are moving to a new home, we will make sure you have plenty of time between the sale of your home and your new home purchase. We coordinate all the events in your closing process with your attorney and other closing professionals to make sure your selling experience is a great one.

The Kevin Andrew Team

What to expect now that your home is listed

Our commitment to you in the professional handling of your property is consistent thorough communication and a comprehensive marketing plan. Here is an outline of what you can expect:

Our Team:

• Bonnie Andrew (Administrative Assistant ) is our administrative assistant . Her responsibilities include advertising/marketing and client care. She can be reached at (905)-220-9917 or via email at

Our team is here to assist you and make your real estate transaction easier. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns.


A “For Sale” sign will be placed in a conspicuous location on your property. This will happen on the agreed commencement date of the sale. Once an offer is secured on your property, and all conditions have been waived (the sale is “firm”), the sign will be changed to “Sold”. The sold sign will remain on your property for approximately two weeks.

Feature Sheets:

We will produce a comprehensive coloured brochure highlighting the many features of your home. This involves our team taking notes of your property including interior and exterior photographs. If there is any information you would like to have included in the feature sheet, please be sure to notify us right away. The feature sheets will be completed within three or four business days of you signing the listing. We would like you to approve the brochure we have prepared, for any inaccuracies or errors. Anything mentioned within the brochure is deemed to be included unless specified otherwise (ie) as being excluded. Any revisions will be reflected on our next reprinting. Please call or e-mail us when you need more feature sheets – allow two business days for reprinting.


To make your home more accessible for showings, a lockbox will be placed on your door. It will remain there until after your home has sold and all the conditions have been waived. Your key will be returned to you as soon as the lockbox has been removed, or it may remain in our possession to provide access for future visits (such visits will be confirmed with you in advance).

Multiple Listing Service (MLS):

After signing the listing, your property’s information will be broker-loaded onto the real estate boards MLS system. Your listing information is now available to all agents with access to the board MLS. New listings can be broker loaded into the MLS system Monday to Sunday.


Your listing will appear within one day of being loaded onto the MLS System on various websites including “”, “”, “”, “”

Agent’s Open House:

The best exposure for your home is to allow as many agents as possible to view it. In order to facilitate this, the Burlington Real Estate Board holds “Agent’s Open House” 10 a.m. – 12p.m. Tuesdays for North Burlington and Thursdays for South Burlington. Kevin Andrew will be at your home for the duration of the Agent’s Open House, which will be held on the next available date for your area. It is not necessary for you to be home.


Reports will be sent as we receive feedback via e-mail (telephone or fax if e-mail is not available). Agents who have shown your home will be called and e-mailed for a request for feedback. You will be provided with a summary of recent showings as well as any and all comments received.

Progress Report:

Once a month, a report reviewing the previous month’s activities will be sent to you. This monthly report includes a complete list of all showings to date, indicates comparable sales and completion in your immediate area and price range, along with copies of all ads that have run in the various publications.


Your home will be advertised a minimum of twice a month. Kevin’s proven media choices are the Burlington Post, Oakville Beaver, The Home News Magazine, and The Hamilton Spectator. Our final ad copy is due four days prior to publication. This means that any public open houses for the weekend must be planned in advance in order to have them advertised in the local newspapers.


Our appointment desk will call you to schedule appointments for agents who wish to show your home. If unable to reach you, they will leave a message advising you of the agent’s name and broker, along with the date and time they wish to access your home. Depending on how you would like appointments to be handled, they will either release the lockbox combination to the agent and ask that they knock before entering, or they will wait for confirmation from you that the date and time are convenient. For your security, all showings will have a Registered Real Estate Agent present.


When an offer is “registered”, Kevin Andrew will contact you to make arrangements to present the offer to you. In the meantime, we will contact other agents who have recently shown your home, in addition to those specific agents with buyers interested in your home, to advise them of the offer and hopefully generate competing offers.

Home Inspections:

Most offers are written up conditional upon the buyer having a home inspection done on your home, and obtaining a satisfactory report. This inspection is usually completed within five business days of the acceptance of the offer, and is arranged and paid for by the buyer.

Home Inspectors are bonded professionals looking for major problems, and a typical inspection takes anywhere between two to four hours, depending on the size of the home. The buyer and the buyer’s agent may also be present for the duration of the home inspection, and we recommend that you not be present. The inspector checks the roof, attic, plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning systems, window, basement, structure, etc. The inspection is visual and will not cause any damage to your home. The Buyer obtains the report the same day and if there are any concerns or issues, their agent will contact our office. We will let you know the outcome of the inspection as soon as possible.


One of the reasons we’re Top Performers is because of our commitment to you. One final thing we will do is ask that you complete an evaluation of our services. This lets us know how we are doing and where we can improve. Our office will mail out the evaluation at the completion of the transaction.